Eliza offers a variety of opportunities for students interested in learning the art of belly dance.


Mondays at 8:30
Arabesque Dance Studios
Level: Intermediate

Modern Fusion Belly Dance
Modern Fusion Belly Dance (MFBD) combines or "fuses" movements of traditional belly dance (Egyptian, Turkish & Tunisian) with elements of western dance formats such as Modern Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and others.
Designed for the advanced beginner and intermediate dancer, this class focuses on developing a clean and fluid belly dance technique infused with elements of western dance. Class starts with a short warm up to improve flexibility and get muscles and joints moving followed by exercises and drills that strengthen and tone primary muscles used in our dance practice. The second part of class focuses on learning a short combination or choreo "chunk" that will be repeated and refined over a couple of weeks as we build layers and add footwork to develop a multidimensional dance practice. Emphasis is placed on proper posture, fluid and concise movements and seamless transitions.
Eliza brings her dance background in ATS, ITS and Tribal Fusion and fuses her dance with qualities of western dance formats She strives to honor traditional belly dance while also integrating contemporary, jazz and a bit of show girl to create fresh movements and unique choreographies.

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Mondays at 6:10 - 8:20
Arabesque Dance Studios
Level: Invitation Only

Spellbound Rehearsal

This performance-focused rehearsal consists of a group of Eliza`s dedicated dancers who are striving to reach their optimal dance potential. Rehearsal focuses on learning a complete choreography - to be performed at local, regional, and national events - with special attention on performance skills, musical interpretation, theatrical expression, and the clarity and articulation of technique. 

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