All workshops will be held at Arabesque Dance & Fitness, 3120 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL

Friday, 12/1/17: 6:30-10:00PM
Performance Workshop

In this workshop, students will work with Jill to perfect and stage a choreography. Participants will be provided with choreography tutorial videos in advance to learn prior to the workshop. Students will have the opportunity to perform the piece with Jill at Winterlux on December 2, 2017 at the Filament Theatre in Chicago. Due to limited space, performance opportunity slots are available for the first 15 students who register.  In order to perform with Jill in the show, dancers must also be enrolled in at lease one (1) additional workshop (either Saturday or Sunday) and demonstrate the ability to perform the choreography.   Additional students may participate in this class and will be added to the performance slot wait list.  Students may opt to take this class without show participation and do not need to enroll in an additional workshop.

Saturday, 12/2/17: 10:00-4:00PM
Spiral to the Core - Stacking Bones In Your Favor (10:00-1:00) 
For excellent posture, length, strong footing, dependable balance, controlled releve, graceful turns, solid spins and last but not least, that sensuous loose yet controlled heavy low pelvis tribal fusion belly dancers strive for. Practice using your breath within movements. Techniques, concepts, visualization and practical exercise explorations facilitated to help you work WITH Gravity and be sure footed for the ultimate grounded controlled fluidity and floating grace.

Lunch Break (1:00-2:00 lunch included with workshop Saturday only)

Devil in the Details (2:00-4:00)
Correcting weak performance habits by infusing intention and feeling into the standard presentation style we take for granted as professional dancers. In this workshop we will experiment with changing our habits and scrambling things up - to see what's on the other side. We aim to eliminate unintentional movements, lack of facial expression, being glued to one spot of the floor, etc. Through facilitated exercises Jill will take you on a journey of exploration designed to bring your dancing and stage presentation to a much more intentional and embodied place!

  • Expanding into your "personal container" for dramatic effect. Fully completing lines and extensions.
  • Finishing footwork intentionally and completely - exploring how we approach the floor.  
  • Finessing ornamented hands and gorgeous arm work for optimal framing & presentational effect.
  • Slowing down - using movement sparingly and intentionally.  
  • Juicing movements muscularly -Balancing effort and ease for a striking & intentional presentation.

Sunday, 12/3/17: 10:00-1:30PM
Shimmy Therapy ~ Ready Aim Fire! The Jill Parker Method
Earthy, fluid, juicy, percussive and loose shimmies are a trademark of Belly Dance, especially Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. We are going to drill varieties of loose shimmies until your body doesn't have any choice but to understand what we're after! Think Mechanics. Think loose and gooey. Think in the pocket, sure fire timing. Think heavy, low and loose pelvis. Jill will give you tools and drills for wiggling more excellence into your shimmy.

Jill Parker Workshop Early Bird Pricing (ends Oct. 15)
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Performer Application

Limited performance slots are available for Winterlux which will be on December 2 at the Filament Theatre in Chicago.  We want to ensure we have as varied and exciting a show as possible, so keep that in mind when submitting your performance form!

Performance applications must be submitted by midnight on Sunday, October 15. The line-up for the show will be announced on November 1.

ABout Jill PArker

Jill Parker is the founder of the modern Tribal Fusion belly dance phenomenon, birthed out of San Francisco California in the mid-90s. Jill was an original member of FatChanceBellyDance, and founder of Ultra Gypsy Dance Theater, the trail-blazing company that birthed such great dancers as Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Lady Fred, Rose Harden and countless others. With nearly three decades of experience, Jill has trained the top belly dancers in the genre and influenced a generation of belly dancers with her modern innovations, all the while remaining deeply rooted in her connection to the traditional, sensual and authentic.

Jill's big heart and deep love for this intoxicating form shine through in her generous teaching as well as her knock out performances worldwide. She's an exceptional teacher with a gift for demystifying this intricate dance, making it accessible for new dancers, and offering insights for refinements and nuance to even the most seasoned professional dancer.


Winterlux will be at the Filament Theatre at 4041 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago on December 2, 2017 as part of the Jill Parker Workshop Weekend. More information to be announced soon!


Registration Conditions:

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