If you think you know belly dance, think again! Chicago-based troupe Spellbound adds a modern spin, featuring crisp group formations and theatrical flare, while headliner Michelle Sorensen stuns audiences with her fierce, cutting-edge style. Add a variety of guest artists from around Chicagoland, all led by the sassy and sultry stylings of emcee Eva La Feva, and this unique evening of entertainment is not to be missed. So mark your calendars and buy your tickets… because Winterlux is coming! Winterlux will be on January 26, 2019 at 8 pm at the Filament Theater located at 4041 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. This intimate and opulent spectacle is sure to bring audiences to their feet. 

ABout THe Artist: Michelle Sorensen

 Photo by Kel-Z Photography

Photo by Kel-Z Photography

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Michelle Sorensen is a professional Belly Dancer with nearly a decade of dedicated dance training. She began her studies under the direction of Kismet School of Dance (American), Kashmir Dance Company (ATS & Tribal Fusion), Trisha Mcbride (Tribal Fusion and Experimental) and more recently Rachel Brice (8 elements Phases 1 &2, Initiation and Cultivation Certified) and Stephanie Buranek (Cabaret/Egyptian).

She has also sought continued instruction through workshops and other events from some of the most innovative dancers in and out of the belly dance scene. Along with bellydance, she has discovered a love for the Aerial Arts, Exotic Dance, Contemporary Dance and Dancehall/Twerk. “Cross-training” in these genres of dance has helped her with stamina, strength, flexibility and finding her own artistic voice.

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Spellbound Belly Dance

 Photo by Carrie Meyer/The Dancer’s Eye

Photo by Carrie Meyer/The Dancer’s Eye

Spellbound is a premiere modern fusion belly dance company creating innovative group dance choreographies in Chicago. Led by artistic director Eliza Perry, this dynamic group of dancers always lives up to their namesake by keeping their audiences captivated with crisp isolations, theatrical flair, and unparalleled group precision. 

Spellbound is honored to be hosting the legendary Michelle Sorensen at the Winterlux Workshop/Performance Weekend!

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About the Host: Eva La Feva

 Photo by Hannah Dunsirn

Photo by Hannah Dunsirn

Eva la Feva is a nationally touring burlesque and belly dance performer/producer that has been delighting audiences for over a decade with her fluid, stylized dance technique and her emotive and theatrical approach to burlesque. In Chicago, Eva is a regular performer at Untitled, The Drifter, House of Blues, and is part of local dance troupe Fringe Factor. Eva is the founder of "Feva Pitch Productions," an event production company specializing in burlesque/nightlife entertainment, and co-founder of Burlesque Community Against Unsafe Spaces (BCAUS). Belly dance credits include the internationally touring show Bellydance Evolution, the MAQAM Belly Dance Challenge (2nd Place, Pro Tribal Soloist), and performing as a backup dancer for Bollywood star Shefali Zariwala. She was Level II certified in the Suhaila Salimpour format from 2009-2011.

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Q: How do I purchase tickets for Winterlux?

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $25 at https://winterlux2019.brownpapertickets.com.  Tickets may also be for sale at the door for $30 (depending on availability), so purchasing advance tickets is highly recommended. 

Q: How can I sign up for workshops with Michelle Sorensen?

Visit our workshop page to register for workshops with Michelle Sorensen.

Q: Where should I park if I'm attending Winterlux?

More information coming.

Q: Where is Winterlux in relation to Arabesque, where the workshops will be held?

More information coming.

Winterlux Cast

2019 show lineup to be announced shortly.  Until then, check out the cast from last year's Winterlux!

Cast from  December 2018:
Click on each artist's image to learn more about each performer. 

Asha Rowland

Asha’s passion for dance began with a mother/daughter belly dance class at age 5, and she started training with the Natya Dance Theatre Academy at age 8. As a member of Natya Dance Theatre, she has performed at Harris Theater, the Field Museum, the MCA, Pritzker Pavillion, and community outreach programs throughout the Chicagoland area. In 2014, Asha completed her Arangetram, representing her ascension to the stage as a solo artist. Drawing from a family history rich in music and dance, Asha also sings, plays several musical instruments, and has added forms such as hip hop, popping, and modern to her dance studies. With her multicultural background, Asha brings harmony and unity to the stage through dance and inspires audiences to see beauty through her artistry.

Dawn Xiana Moon

Dawn Xiana Moon has worked professionally in almost every area of the arts. She is the founder and director of Raks Geek, the bellydance and fire company that earned a spot on UK Channel 4 TV's "50 Best Moments" with a video of a Wookiee bellydancing to a Klingon band. They've also garnered acclaim from the Chicago Tribune, MSN, The Daily Mail, and more.  As a singer-songwriter, Dawn has performed in 10 states and released two solo albums; her latest CD fuses elements from traditional Chinese music with jazz and alt folk pop. She has served as an editor for RELEVANT Magazine, bellydances and spins fire with Read My Hips and Acrobatica Infiniti Circus at places like the Chicago Field Museum, acted in independent films, and is also a UX designer and web developer.

Hannah Mullins

Hannah Mullins is an American Tribal Fusion belly dancer and instructor based in Michigan. She has 20 years experience with a wide variety of dance styles and has over 25 years of musicality training/experience as a musician/vocalist,. Performing mainly as a Tribal Fusion soloist, she has also answered the call to collaborate with many other dancers and dance companies to create art, dynamic choreography, and inspiring performances. Her devotion and passion for this dance has allowed her to share the stage with amazing dancers from all around the world and has had the fortune of performing with amazing artists of the stage, including Deb Rubin, Kaeshi Chai, Myra Krien, and Mira Betz. She has a unique voice and continues to learn, experiment, and dance to the beat of her own drum. 


Founded in 2005, Jezebelly is a Chicago-based professional belly dance troupe characterized by their modern, "tribaret" (part cabaret/part tribal) combinations and their neo-vintage choreographies. In addition, Jezebelly has a signature improvisational tribal style (ITS) repetoire. Jezebelly members include Eliza Perry, Jennavieve and Megan Hartmann. 


Kamrah is Chicago’s first trans masculine belly dancer. They have been dancing since 2001 and have traveled all over the country to teach and perform in multiple styles of belly dance. Kamrah is known for their killer isolations, creativity, and theatrical pieces, and for being a soloist in Chicago’s premiere geeky belly dance and fire troupe, Raks Geek. They have produced their own DVD, Killer Isolations, and have taught at such festivals as Tribal Fest, Waking Persephone, Tribal Revolution, and more. Kamrah is dedicated to the safe and effective practice of belly dance, and passes their knowledge as a scientist, a martial artist, and massage therapist on to their students.

Kelly Holder

Kelly has been a part of the Tribal Bellydance community since 2004. Throughout the years, she has taught and performed around the Midwest. She is known for her lively skirt work and emotive pieces. 

Lesley Inman

Hailing from Canada, Lesley is a life-long artist. Both a musician and dancer, Lesley loves to bring energy, life and joy to the stage and in her classes. Lesley creates performances and teaches classes/workshops which are never lacking in entertainment and always pushing the limits to what can be done. A life-long student, Lesley studies extensively with artists/teachers including many of the founders of the Tribal Fusion Style such as Rachel Brice (Lesley is both a Datura practioner and certified teacher), Jill Parker, Zoe Jakes,  Mardi Love, Kami Liddle and Ariellah.

Matt Griffo

Matt Griffo an internationally touring musical comedian that pairs original compositions with comedic lyrics. Skilled on both the ukulele and piano, Matt has toured in Copenhagen, the U.K., and all over the United States. He's been featured on both FunnyorDie and Buzzfeed. His performances are “both toe-tapping and rib-tickling," according to the Chicago Sun Times. 


From terrorizing the stage as "Tyrannia!" to gracing the stage on a short stint with the Belly Dance Superstars, Neekole engages her audience with her versatility, creativity, and technical skill.  After a lengthy hiatus, Neekole is back in Chicago sharing her love of art with her family of friends. 


SerpentFuze is Chicagoland's twin bellydance performers. The almost inseparable sisters, Katie O'Brien and Jeanne Frymire, impart their history of dance, art, and music studies into their 9 years of belly dance study to create captivating choreographies. Their unconventional modern duet style and precisely synchronized movements is paired with their intrinsic ability to move as one. Their choreographies, also deeply rooted in musicality, have led them to become desired performers, choreographers and collaborative guest dancers within the Midwest. In addition, the two dancers have been members of several troupes, including Blue Lotus Tribe, where they have trained, taught and performed within the US and internationally. They also coordinate, organize, and oversee the three showcases at Tribal Revolution.


Sonya is a full-time Oriental dance instructor, performer, choreographer and owner of Arabesque Belly Dance Studios. Beginning her career in 1999 Sonya's choreographies and performance style has won multiple competitions. Holding several certifications in different aspects of Mid-East Dance, she delights in the new and exciting innovations seen in our dance. Sonya strives to elevate the public’s perception of this art form, promoting the dance with beauty, dignity and grace. 

Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance is directed by Super Beth.  Tamarind Tribal is among a small, honored group to have a sampling of their moves incorporated in the American Tribal Style® format.  Featured on several DVDs, Super Beth has continued to develop the Tamarind format with their own unique, improv-based repetoire of tribal movements, group formations, and prop work.  

Tiffany Renee

For the past 14 years, Tiffany Renee has enjoyed infusing her bellydance studies with elements of taichi and jazz. She hopes that you, too, are delighted in her usually geeky and nuanced, performance.